How it works

1. Register a new host with your email address

register host with

2. You will receive an email for host validation. The host will not be in the DNS until validated.

validate host with

3. After the validation of the host you can ping the DDNS service with the provided url

validation successful with

In this example you can ping using the url:

or the equivalent URL

4. Configure your cron or scheduler to ping regularly

Windows users use the free-ddns ping utility
free ddns ping tool windows at


As an alternative method, install curl for windows and create a new Scheduled Task with the command

curl --silent

If you have a Linux operating system you can easy configure

Add the following line to the cron (use the command crontab -e)

* 1 * * * /usr/bin/curl --silent &>/dev/null

If you have a Synology NAS (width DSM 6.x+) you can use free-ddns as DDNS Service Provider

In Control Panel > External Access press the button Customize
Write as Service Provider and paste the url into the Query URL and press the Save button
synology nas DSM ddns service configuration with

Add a new DDNS of type
synology nas DSM ddns service configuration with
Then the DDNS is configured and running
synology nas DSM ddns service configuration with

You can use ddclient to update.

use the following configuration (usually in /etc/ddclient.conf)

Note: the ip get command is not on this example configuration below (example: use=if, if=eth0 to get the ip from the local machine)

You can use a dyndns2 protocol compatible client to update on your DD-WRT router, IP camera or similar

use the following data in your compatible client:

  • Protocol: dyndns2
  • Server:
  • User: your_host_without_domain
  • Password: your_host_key
  • Host:
Our resources are limited so please do not ping us in less than 10 minutes interval.